Patanjali SIM Cards : Everything YOU need To Know Before Buying

Are you planning to buy Patanjali SIM cards? newly launched Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim card of Patanjali becomes a hot topic among people. The plans are cheaper and according to the leaks, it is a 5G SIM. Do you really think that it is 5G SIM card?

Patanjali SIM Cards

Patanjali SIM Cards

The Patanjali SIM will work on BSNL network. Means your SIM will get network from BSNL Tower. Currently, BSNL has not completely deployed its 4G tower across India. Means, you will get the 3G network on Patanjali SIM Cards.


The SIM Cards is available for Patanjali Employees or members. If you want to buy Patanjali SIM Cards, then you first need to apply for Swadeshi Samriddhi Card. Once you have Swadeshi Samridhhi Card, you can buy Patanjali SIM Easily.

Patanjali SIM Cards

Patanjali SIM Cards

Don’t confuse with Swadeshi Samriddhi card and Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM Card. They both are different. One is a type of DEBIT Card while another is a SIM Card. If you like to buy SIM Card then first go through Swadeshi Samriddhi Card. I will discuss more on Swadeshi Samriddhi Card on this post.


The Swadeshi Samriddhi Card Plans are cheaper as compared to JIO and Airtel. But the Jio and Airtel offering True 4G while in Patanjali sim cards offer 3G.


The Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards totally bound you with its terms and conditions. Firstly, you have to buy Swadeshi Samriddhi card of minimum Rs 1,000 and then maintain a minimum balance of Rs 500. Why should I buy this card for just a SIM card? it is really annoying.


Patanjali SIM Card Launch Date

Patanjali SIM LAUNCH Date

Patanjali SIM LAUNCH Date

A few days ago, Patanjali in an alliance with BSNL launched Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM Card. This SIM card is basically for Patanjali Members or employee. Later on, they launched it for general people.


The Idea behind this SIM cards is to increase the sale and bound People with Patanjali goods.

They set low data plans to attract people but when you look deep inside the offer you will be amazed.


The basic Plans of Rs 144. provides 2GB 3G data per day. But you have to pay Rs 1000 + Rs. 144 to get this SIM card along with this Plan. After paying this much amount you will get 3G.

Plans on Patanjali SIM Cards

Patanjali SIM Plans and OFFERS

Patanjali SIM Plans and OFFERS

Plans and Offer are quite attractive But it is just a mirage. It is beneficial for you only if you love Patanjali Products. If you don’t want to buy Patanjali products then don’t buy this SIM.

Initial Plans are cheaper to attract people. Day by day they will increase it.

Patanjali 144 Plan

  • Free Unlimited Voice Calling
  • Free Roaming Call Across India.
  • 2GB Data Per day for 30 days.
  • Also, 100 SMSes per day.

Patanjali 792 Plan

  • Validity- 180 Days valid
  • Data- 2GB Per Day
  • Free Unlimited Voice Calling (STD + LOCAL)
  • 100SMSes per day

Patanjali 1584 Plan

  • Validity- 365 Days valid or 12 Months
  • Data- 2GB Data Per Day
  • Free Unlimited Voice Calling (STD + LOCAL + Roaming)
  • 100SMSes per day.

So, here are some plans that you can enroll in Patanjali SIM cards. Before that, you have to buy Patanjali SIM cards. Don’t know how to get Patanjali SIM cards?

How To Get Patanjali SIM Cards?

  1. Here are the steps by which you can get Patanjali SIM cards. Follow the steps carefully:
  2. First, go to BSNL nearby counter or office.
  3. Along with your PAN Card, Aadhaar Card etc.
  4. First, make Swadeshi Samriddhi Card.
  5. Then you can buy Patanjali SIM cards.
  6. Your SIM will activate once the documents verifications done by their end.
  7. Done!…Enjoy Patanjali SIM offers 🙂

Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards:

Are you confuse with Swadeshi Samridhhi card and Swadeshi Samridhhi Sim Cards. Actually, they both are not same. One is like a debit card and another is a SIM card.

They involve a concept to grow Patanjali Market and bound people with Patanjali products.

To buy SIM cards, you need Swadeshi Samriddhi Card. For Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards, you have to pay Rs 1000 making charges. This Rs.1000 will be added to your card.

You have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs. 500 on Swadeshi Samriddhi card. Although, you can shop only Patanjali products.

If you love to buy Patanjali products then here are some offers from Patanjali.

Swadeshi Samriddhi card offers

  1. Life insurance and health insurance up to 5 lakh INR and 2.5 lakh INR respectively.
  2. Insurance is valid only by accident.
  3. Get 10% cashback on Patanjali Products on shopping via this card.


So, finally, we reached the conclusion. What I think about this SIM cards. Here are my opinions on this SIM cards. Please comment down, what’s your opinion about this SIM cards.

For Non-Patanjali Users:

If you don’t use Patanjali Products then don’t get involved in this trap. This is not for you. It will cost much higher than it looks. You have to Pay for Swadeshi SIM card and for Patanjali Plans. And you will get the 3G network.

For Patanjali Users

It is beneficial for you. If you regularly use to buy Patanjali products then this will help you in shopping. Also, you will get Patanjali SIM cards benefits. You will get 10% cashback on Patanjali stores and insurance also.



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