Patanjali SIM Cards 5G Price in India | Plans and Price

Patanjali SIM Cards 5G Price in India  : Patanjali SIM Cards is launched in India. The SIM is available in some location of India and may be available soon in other parts of the country. The Price of Patanjali SIM is quite high for the general public. As the SIM cards are mainly launched for Patanjali members or employees but later on it becomes available for general people also.

Patanjali SIM Cards 5G Price in India

Patanjali SIM Cards 5G Price in India

Patanjali is an Indian brand which focuses on desi products. The main motive of Patanjali SIM is to increase Patanjali sell. It cost nothing if you love Patanjali products but if you don’t use it then it may cost you bit higher price than any other operator.

Talking about the plans of Patanjali 5G sim cards. The Plans are cheaper than other operators. It is just to attract people. If you don’t know the trap behind Patanjali SIM then read more.

The basic Plans is for Rs. 144. In Patanjali Basic plan, you will get 2GB 3G data for 1 month or 30 days. Yes, I mean 3G data.

Currently, BSNL is planning to deploy 5G service in India latest by 2020. Till now, you can use its 3G service because they don’t have a complete 4G network across the country.

Patanjali SIM Cards 5G Price in India

The price is a bit higher than your expectation. The company proclaims that it is free but actually it is not free. It cost you Rs 1000+ Rs 144 if you choose a base plan.

To Buy Patanjali SIM Cards, you first enroll for Swadeshi Samriddhi Card. Yes, you have to buy this card in order to buy Patanjali SIM cards. This is the only way to get Patanjali SIM if you are not an employee of Patanjali.

Go to BSNL counter or office nearby you. Apply for Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card. Then after adding Rs 1000 in your card, you can actually activate your card.

After activating it, you can apply for Swadeshi Samriddhi SIM Card or Patanjali SIM card.

Remember to add Rs 1000. You have to maintain a minimum of Rs 500 in your Swadeshi Samriddhi Card.

There are many benefits of Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Card

Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards:

  • You can get 10% off or cash back on Patanjali products.
  • Get medical and Life insurance up to 250K  and 500K INR respectively.
  • The insurance is valid on the accidental case only.


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