How To Buy Patanjali Sim Cards? || Everyone Can BUY Now

Recently, Patanjali Launched Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Cards. If you are searching on how to buy Patanjali Sim Cards? Then read the full article. In this article, I will tell you how to buy Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards?

How To Buy Patanjali Sim Cards?


The Indian most famous brand Patanjali launched Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim cards and along with many offers. Patanjali ties up with BSNL and launched Patanjali Sim cards. Initially, it will be available on BSNL Counter. There is 5 Lakh BSNL counter across the country. The Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim cards are exclusively available for Patanjali members and employees. Currently, they are testing the results and once they get a positive result from users after then they will release it for all. But now, you have to wait for it.



  • General People Can Buy Patanjali SIM Cards.
  • Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards.


Swadeshi Samriddhi Card

It is not the Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Card. It is just Swadeshi Samriddhi Card. Well, you may wonder why I’m discussing it. So, guys, you have to first apply for Swadeshi Samriddhi Card in order to buy Patanjali Sim ( Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Card). The Swadeshi Samriddhi Card has some pros and cons which we will discuss later in this post. This card is mandatory for buying SIM cards.

Initially, it seems that only Patanjali members or employee can buy Patanjali SIM cards. But later on, BSNL clarified that general people can also buy Patanjali SIM Cards. They have to enroll for Swadeshi Samriddhi Card if they want to buy it. The cards itself has many offers. Let’s know the offers on Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards.

Pros of Swadeshi Card:

  • General People can Buy Patanjali SIM.
  • Insurance on Health and Medical
  • Cashback on Patanjali Products.
  • You can use it as a Debit Card at Patanjali stores.
  • You can recharge your Patanjali SIM Cards easily with this Card.


  • If you don’t like Patanjali Products then you can’t use Cashback offers available on Cards.
  • Your boundary is limited with Patanjali.
  • You have to give Rs 20 per annum for this card.
  • Maintain a minimum balance of Rs 500.

How To Apply For Swadeshi Samriddhi Card?

If you decided to buy Patanjali Swadeshi Samriddhi Cards then here are the steps you have to follow.

  • Go to any BSNL office nearby you.
  • Find BSNL counter nearby you on Google.
  • Go to BSNL Office with proper documents like Aadhar Card, PAN card etc.
  • You have to Pay Rs 1000 at time of applying for CARD.
  • The Rs 1,000 will be added to your card. You can use it later. The card balance can be used in the selected area. So, ensure before buying it.
  • You have to maintain a minimum balance of Rs 500.
  • The annual charge is Rs 20.
  • Now, you are eligible for Patanjali SIM cards. You can easily buy Patanjali SIM with the help of this card.


How To Buy Patanjali Sim Cards?

Update(New): Now anyone can buy Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Cards of Patanjali, You have to buy Swadeshi Samriddhi cards. If you want to buy Patanjali SIM cards then follow the steps given below.

  1. First, enroll for Swadeshi Samriddhi Card. You can check the process above in this post.
  2. Visit nearest BSNL counter.
  3. Show your identity and Swadeshi Samriddhi Card.
  4. Show government proof.
  5. After full paperwork, your Sim card will activate.
  6. Done!!…

Patanjali SIM is Available for General People (New)

So, guys finally, it is available for general people also. Now, you can actually buy it and enjoy its cheap plans. At the launch time, Patanjali officials said that this will exclusively available for Patanjali members but BSNL added that, generally people can also enroll for Patanjali sim after having Swadeshi Samriddhi cards.

In short, you have to make Swadeshi  Samriddhi cards for this Patanjali SIM cards. There are additional benefits on Swadeshi SIM cards. You can access all the offer given by Patanjali on its SIM cards.

Distribution Patanjali SIM Cards:

Patanjali SIM cards are currently distributed in Madhya Pradesh and Pune at some selected locations.

Buyers shuold contact to nearest BSNL office for more details on Patanjali Sim Crads.

When Patanjali Sim available for General People? (OLD)

Currently, Patanjali sim card is exclusively available for their employees. They are taking feedback and their response. Once the test completed and the results are positive then it may available to all customer. Till now use Jio.

Patanjali SIM Offers?

There are several offers on New Patanjali Sim cards. But currently, it is not available for common people. Only Patanjali members and employees can buy this sim card. Once it fully launched then you can use it. Now all the offers are available for limited users.

Note: These offers are available on Swadeshi Samriddhi Card. To buy Patanjali SIM cards, you have to buy, first, Swadeshi Samriddhi Card.

  • The user will get 10% off on purchasing Patanjali products via Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Card.
  • There are several insurances also available on Swadeshi Samriddhi Sim Card. The Medical insurance up to 2.5Lakh INR and life insurance is about 5 lakh INR.
  • At just Rs 144 pack, the user will get unlimited calls across the country, 100SMS, and 2GB Data.